Want to come sing with us?

How To Join....

Membership in the ACS is through audition, but don’t let that scare you! We want you in our chorus and we are a friendly and welcoming group. Auditions, or voice placements, are opportunities for our conductor to meet you, hear your vocal range, and to determine which section is most appropriate to place you in. Auditions are held in the summer and early August of each season and at other announced times during the year. The next auditions will be held in August 2010. Those wishing to audition need to call Carolyn Dolen at the ACS office at 706-826-4713 to schedule an audition time. We invite you to come sing with us in June and July during our summer reading sessions as we look at the music for our upcoming season. These reading sessions take place on the second Tuesday in June and the second Tuesday in July.

During the audition you will be asked to sing a piece of your own choosing, to vocalize on a neutral syllable so that the conductor can hear your range, and to sight read some music that is given to you.

Things to know....

+ The ACS season runs from August - May with weekly Tuesday night rehearsals from 7:30 - 9:30 PM.
+ Rehearsals are held at First Baptist Church in Augusta.
+ Members pay yearly dues, purchase their music and are expected to help with selling program advertisements and concert tickets.
+ Concert attire is the standard black ACS dress, black shoes, pearl necklace and earrings for women and tuxedo with white shirt, cummerbund and black shoes and socks for men.
+ Membership is open to all persons high school age and older who pass the audition and sign the singer agreement.